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Welcome to Shared Experiences, a platform for learning and growth. Shared Experiences (SE) is an I M Possible Mall (I M) brand. Listening to others’ experiences is the original method of learning and remains one of the most efficient. Commonly known throughout history and across cultures as “storytelling”, it remains the most optimal means for transferring knowledge and igniting the imagination.

Shared Experiences aims to bring you individuals who have valuable knowledge and experiences to share. These interactive discussions are great for accelerating your growth.

Shared Experiences platform includes sessions from:

I M WELL Holistic Health & Wellness (Health and Wellness) StrategicIsite (Organizational Management) Vine & Verse (Authors/Writers) Shared Experiences sessions are video recorded live. The pre-production audio is available below for listening. Post-production audio will be available on I M Ready podcast.

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I M also hosts in-person events which have been postponed due to the pandemic. In-person events are not recorded.
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The below recordings may not include recent sessions.

Why Fiber is Important to Your Health

Join our conversation about the importance of fiber in our diet and its role in our overall health and well-being from weight management to preventing heart disease.


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Starting Your Health & Wellness Journey

Join our conversation about how to begin your health and wellness journey to taking better care of yourself. Unfortunately there is no recording of this session. We apologize.


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Mental Health/African American Community

Join us as we begin conversations about mental health, removing the shame, when to consider help, and where to find resources, and integrating mental health into overall health & wellness.


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Employee Health & Wellness

This discussion will focus on Employee Health & Wellness programs and their benefits and challenges; as well as recommendations for small businesses.


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Healthy Eating: Getting Started

Improve your health and wellness by simply improving your dietary choices. Eating healthy is not budget dependent. It is a mindset to be your best self for you and your loved ones.


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Are You Properly Insured?

Are You Properly Insured? Join us to discuss various aspects of life, property and health insurances. Learn from two insurance agency owners about proper coverage.


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COVID-19 - Managing Business Opportunities

Managing Business Opportunities During COVID-19. Join us to discuss strategies and tactics for managing business opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Getting to the Root of Plant-Based Diets

Join us and get to the roots of a plant-based diet. Come learn how to make minor improvements, changes, or a full transformation to your dietary habits. A plant-based diet has benefits to you, animals, and the environment.

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Cover Your Assets

These challenging, chaotic times are unfortunately leading to financial despair for many businesses and individuals. Learn from prominent PA & NJ bankruptcy attorney, Demetrius J. Parrish, Jr. who will share his knowledge and experience.

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The Value of Diversity & Inclusion

Join our 2nd panel discussion on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). Our phenomenal panelists will share their knowledge and experience on the value of D&I and why organizations should commit to having a diversity and inclusion strategy.

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